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Couple of weeks back I heard that the President has announced about reverting back Sri Lankan time to +0530GMT from the 14th of April 2006. I'm already confused with the calculations about scheduling my time and read few articles on the newspaper regarding it where Arthur C Clark has urged to reconsider about it.

For a history lesson I remember the last time it was changed. The standard Sri Lankan clock was set to +0530 GMT was in effect till May 1996. The President at that time changed it and set the clock to +0630. I can't remember for how long it was in practise but not for long. Within a month I guess it was set to +0600. After almost ten years its gonna go back to its standard time and setting it back to +0530 will have a serious global effect on Sri Lanka.

I dunno from where I got the idea to store the offset in a configuration file of almost all PHP applications I developed in the last 4 years. The occasional changes might have helped me I guess [Wink]

Posted on 2nd April 2006 18:03:19