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Web Developer. PHP Addict. Wordpress Hacker. FOSS Enthusiast. (Micro)Blogger. Photo Hobbyist. Cricket Fanatic. Husband. Dad. has been up there for a quite a while now but the traffic to the site seems to be declining at a considerable rate. In a nutshell is a Blog/Twitter aggregator that will give a quick glance at the posts/Tweets from our Lankan geeks. It was initially a requirement of mine that turned into a website that everybody could keep a track of. But it has come to a point where even I don’t visit the site often which actually makes the site having zero traffic on a given day. Though it gives you the information you need, there is no interactivity in the site. Also it sucks at usability and I have to admit that I used the technology in an appropriate manner.

I think its high time to move on. I’m planning it to make it a portal for the Sri Lankan geeks. The aggregator will remain but just be a part of the site. I won’t spoil things up but you will know when it happens. When I launched, my initial plan was to keep it limited to FOSS Blogs. But with the revamp it may change. So all the geeks who represent Sri Lanka will get equal opportunity to get listed and share their Blog posts and Tweets. Also there would be some sort of filtering that will take place. Non-technical posts/Tweets have to be filtered while @ Replies will be taken off from the Twitter feed. I haven’t really figured out this process yet but I’m just trying to plan things out and you will also know what you can expect. Its a mixed thought and I welcome your feedback on this.

Since Twitter has introduced the Lists feature, I have created a List for and once the site is revamped, the Twitter aggregator will be based on this list. I made a tweet about this sometime back. If you are not listed, send me Direct Message on Twitter to get listed.

Also I will be adding a News/Events section. This way everyone can track events around Sri Lanka. Its something I can’t do alone so any voluntary help is much appreciated.

The good thing is that I have a lot of ideas but executing them doesn’t really happen most of the time mainly due to lack of time I get to work on these ideas. You will see changes happening soon. Would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Posted on 6th December 2009 16:04:41