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There are tons of Online Advertising Websites all over the Internet that are targeted to the Sri Lankan market. Since developing dynamic Websites became quite popular, classified Websites emerged as a great tool that bridged the gap between buyers and sellers. Most of the Websites offer their services free of charge or at a reasonable fee. The sellers can manage their advertisements on these Websites. It’s a basic requirement for any Classified Website so that it will display the most recent and appropriate advertisements. There are few Websites that serves the purpose and have been providing a quality service.

This blog post is not about the real ones, but the clones who try to ride the luck of their successors. Anyone with a basic Web Development knowledge can setup such Websites. A lot of companies and individuals saw this as an opportunity to make money online and started to set up more and more of those. The main objective of course is to generate content that would increase their revenue through click/impression ads and various other forms of advertisements.

These Websites wanted to make themselves look real. So they took the easy way out. They started grabbing advertisement posted by sellers on most popular Websites. They even grabbed ads from print media to generate content on their Website.

Sellers were affected by these clones. Specially if you are someone who occasionally sell your used goodies. You are supposed to remove your ad once the item has been sold. But when you still get inquiries for the items you have already sold, you tend to realize your advertisement appearing on Websites that you didn’t even think of advertising.

I’m quite used to sell my used electronic goodies using a popular Website and removed the ad once the item was sold. To my annoyance I still get calls asking for my laptop I sold almost 2 years back. The list goes on for my camera, monitor etc.. In January this year I put an ad to sell my car and then decided not to. Despite the ad being removed for almost a year, I still get calls and the recent one being last week. While I can google and find where my ad exist but I cannot remove them coz I didn’t put them there in the first place.

Actually its quite a sad situation. Whether to give out our mobile number is a tough call we need to make when advertising our goodies for sale. It’s likely that most of them won’t contact us via Email if they only find an Email address as a contact point. What are your thoughts and experience in the matter?

Posted on 29th December 2010 16:44:17