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I wonder whether we only have a series of holidays here in Sri Lanka? There might be some or the other reason but the best part is that these holidays fit in either on Monday or Friday creating long weekends. Its really tough to regain the energy back to start working. One way its refreshing but it doesn't help me a great deal coz anyway I will be stuck with my compy. This weekend too was a long one due to Vesak though I had to work coz of an ongoing project and had classes the whole day today.

It was totally different experience as there were hardly any people or vehicles on the road. I really could have closed my eyes and drove. For Vesak the roads will be packed with vehicles and people who visit to witness the pandols, lanterns etc.. that will lighten up the streets of Colombo. I guess people were bit afraid for security reasons considering the current situation in Sri Lanka. Most of them would have gone to their villages to enjoy the long weekend with their families.

This might be the end for the series of holidays as I can't see any holidays for next month.

Posted on 14th May 2006 17:27:15