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By now you would have heard about the Refresh Colombo meetup which happens every month. In a nutshell, Refresh Colombo brings all the technology, Internet, Web, Mobile and Social Media enthusiasts into a place where they could share knowledge and ideas. We have been live tweeting and streaming the event which allows people to take part in the meetup even though they cannot attend. The meetup has a pre-scheduled agenda with 3-4 talks by voluntary speakers so that people have a general idea about what’s in store for them. Ideally we want something like an unconference or lightning talk driven meetup but we are still in the early stages. So we are having everything in the agenda prior to the meetup.

Refresh Colombo needs more speakers from different areas of expertise. This is where you need to chip in. The whole idea is about sharing knowledge. Submit this form and let us know your areas of expertise and on which areas you can speak on. If you need any further details drop me an email. Looking forward for your response. Thanks guys!

Posted on 2nd March 2011 11:46:00