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I have been finding it difficult to blog lately as I didn't get that much of a time off from my normal working schedule. Also trying my best to sleep early so that I can stand on my feet when I wake up early in morning. I have been finding it difficult to keep my eyes open after waking up as I try to sleep again after waking up.. Kinda weird ha.. I got some stuff in the past month which I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on.

To start off with, I got my long waited FireFox 1.0 T-Shirt and the Php 5 Objects, Patterns, Practice book. After my flash disk screwed up I had the plan of going for a MP3 Memory Music Watch, though it was really bulky when I checked it. I got a cool Mp3 player+Flash disk. It has a capacity of 256 MB. It also has voice recording, FM radio and a seven band equalizer.

Also I switched my Samsung X100 phone with a Ericsson T610. I was playing with it lately with all the Bluetooth capabilities it has. I also designed some cool themes and this Mozilla Firefox 1.0 theme came out really well.

Will update ya'll if I get any more new stuff.

Posted on 9th May 2005 17:16:37