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About 3 weeks back I successfully made a switch over to Linux Desktop and my pick was Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger). I would love to share few things in this step I took coz I feel it might help you at some point. This is more an extended version of the post I made about week back.

Ubuntu is my first experience for a Debian based distro. I have used Redhat since 6.3 and then upto 9 and after that have tried out Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 3. But not that much on the Desktop. I never got settled with it. But as a Server I found it very effective.

So Why picked Ubuntu for Desktop?

There was this buzz about Ubuntu being a great Desktop. There was lot of hype around it. After most of my friends suggested that its really suited for desktop I got it installed. I'm amazed..

I love the way it handles users. By default the root account is locked. Using sudo the user will be able to run administrative commands. The thing I like about this is that I don't need to su and it also prevents from crazy things happening when logged in as root. The root account can be enabled but not advisable. Read More about it.

Package Management. Its Debian based so uses apt. Synaptic Package Manager ,the GUI for apt is very handy. And Automatix installed all the stuff I need for a perfect desktop.

How perfect was the switch?

I had concerns for switching to a Linux desktop. I'm mainly a PHP/MySQL developer. So it is the platform I need to be in. Infact I was in the wrong place earlier. Now I perfectly fit in to the LAMP. I was using Macromedia Dreamweaver as my editor earlier coz I also have to work a lot on the HTML/XHTML pages. Quanta Plus is a perfect alternate. I did try out Screem and Nvu. Seems to fit in perfectly. Currently using gedit as the phpeditor. Lately being playing around with jEdit and it seems a perfect editor.

I was using Mozilla Thunderbird as my Email client. So I was able to restore all my mails without any difficulty. I'm not really a newbie to Linux so the switch didn't effect me that much. Infact I'm having fun.

Few issues I came across

It was bundled with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7. This is how I installed the new version of Mozilla Firefox 1.5.2.

Using the Synaptic Package Manager I got installed Apache2-PHP4-MySQL and with that installed phpMyAdmin as well just to try out. But for some reason PHP scripts were not parsed. I really didn't try to dig into it and felt comfortable compiling them to my needs. When I tried to remove them phpMyAdmin couldn't remove itself and on the Synaptic Package Manager it showed phpMyAdmin as a broken package. And due to this the rest of the packages I wanted to removed were not removed. And after doing some googling this is how I was able to get rid of it by modifying the installation script of phpMyAdmin.

Created a backup of the script

nazly@ubuntu:~$ cd /var/lib/dpkg/info/
nazly@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg/info$ sudo cp phpmyadmin.prerm phpmyadmin.prerm.orig

Edit the script file

nazly@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg/info$ sudo gedit phpmyadmin.prerm

And commented line 12 by adding a # infront of it and saved the file.

Then used apt-get to remove phpMyAdmin

nazly@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg/info$ sudo apt-get remove phpmyadmin

After that Synaptic Package Manager didn't show the phpMyAdmin package as broken and I was able to remove the rest of the packages.

I'm able to connect to my PC with my Nokia 6230i via Bluetooth as I didn't have to install any driver as such.

So as far as I'm concerned I'm not missing anything at all.. I'm very much satisfied with myself that I'm doing the right thing as I always had this passion for Free & OpenSource software.

"free" as in "free speech," not as in "free beer."

Posted on 26th April 2006 02:31:10