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Finally, finally I have broken the spell of 'M$ Desktop' with the magic word Ubuntu. Ubuntu with a strong motive 'Linux for Human Beings' has been quite popular for being the perfect distro for a Linux Desktop. As you all are aware I have been stuck to the M$ Desktop for quite a few reasons and was held back to make a move towards the Linux Desktop. I have been talking Linux coz my servers were all powered by Linux, currently using CentOS distro but not on desktop.

Atlast I got to this point where I got the courage to walk the talk. And my pick was Ubuntu. I had a couple of test runs with the Ubuntu Live CD and then installed it. I was using Mozilla Thunderbird in my 'M$ Desktop' so it was a piece of cake restoring all my mails which is simply awesome. I loved the way this Debian apt-get works. This is the first time I'm using a Debian based distro. And the GUI available in Ubuntu for apt-get known as Synaptic Package Manager makes life lot easier. Its a great way for the users who are new to Linux to get things up and running soon. And then installed Automatix, an automated GUI installation script that will install a bunch of applications which converts Ubuntu to a perfect Desktop solution. It has been about two weeks playing around it and I'm lovin' it. I came across few issues and did sort them out as well thanks to the community. I will post them as soon as I can.

Posted on 16th April 2006 18:38:58