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It all happened on Sunday morning when ocean waves hit the costal areas of South Asia. One of the worst hit countries were Sri Lanka. Up to now it has claimed the lives of 67,000 people all over. More than 20000 victims are from Sri Lanka. Most of the victims are small children and women. I was in Anuradhapura when it all happened and was stunned to hear this news, as a Sri Lankan I have never heard such a thing in my life. It has been three days since it happened and the death toll is rising up.

You could imagine how the people would have felt when giant waves hit them. Waves traveling at nearly 700km/h and rising unto 30 ft. We heard incidents such as a hospital completely washed out with Doctors, Nurses and patients without leaving any trace of it. A train carrying nearly 1500 passengers was hit by a giant wave killing nearly all of them and the engine+compartments were all over the place. There are lots of families who lost 3-4 children. It?s really scaring to hear all these incidents.

All the people have joined hands in providing aid to the survivors. Trucks with Food, Medicine, clothes etc are rushing towards the worst hit areas. Also lots of volunteers are in the process of burying corpses in mass graves.

When you look back in time it?s really hard to imagine how all this happened in quick time. Sri Lanka was a safe place for earth quakes and has never experienced Tsunamis. Due to this fact there weren't any Tsunami Warning Centers in the Indian Ocean. Even the scientists in USA failed to alert though they saw tsunamis coming.

As Sri Lanka in need of help provides all the information related to donations, missing persons etc.

Posted on 29th December 2004 15:34:06