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Its official and its big. Now we can receive Tweets via SMS from the people we are following on Twitter. When you go to your Settings / Mobile page on Twitter, now you will see Sri Lanka as a country, thanks to Dialog. If you look closely there are only a few more countries has this feature enabled. Further more, posting an update to Twitter via SMS gets a boost as well. Now you don’t need to send your Tweets to the Twitter long code which is similar to sending a message to an International number which in cost wise is expensive. Now you can send your updates to the Twitter short code from your Dialog mobile which will be charged same as sending a SMS to a local number. There won’t be any charges for receiving updates via SMS. Twitter on your Mobile page has all the info about how you can activate this feature on your Dialog mobile. If you used to update Twitter via SMS using the Long Code/International number, you won’t need to do much of the changes mentioned in that page.

Most importantly you won’t receive updates to your mobile from all the people you are following. I really can’t imagine how scary that would be. You will need to set the option to receive updates via SMS to your phone from the person you are following on Twitter. Twitter Phone FAQs has all the answers to your questions. Check how To Turn Mobile Updates On and Off (via Web or SMS) page to subscribe/unsubscribe to receive updates via SMS.

When I joined Twitter in 2007, we had the option to send and receive updates to Twitter via SMS through the International number (long code). But when time moved on and more people joined, Twitter limited this functionality by allowing short codes only to few countries which supported two-way (sending and receiving) text-messaging. Rest of the countries only had the option of using long codes which supported only one-way (sending only) text-messaging.

I’m sure this is a big news to the Twitter addicts in Sri Lanka. This move will also make Sri Lankans to start using Twitter  in a more fun and efficient way. The Official Twitter Text Commands page will be guide you to get going.

While I have most of my friends on Twitter and have also have got connected to new people, some of my friends actually don’t really get it. For them Twitter is less interactive than Facebook and most of the time they get confused with the two. A lot of them join Twitter and post updates for a couple of days and thats it. They go missing completely. In my opinion Twitter and Facebook have two different models and they must choose one or use both in a selective manner to serve their purpose. Facebook is a way to communicate only within your friends you know on a close environment but Twitter can be used to communicate to the rest of the world. Search Engines and other tools pull off your Tweets and do wonders with it while Facebook model doesn’t allow this. Twitter too has protected accounts but it really doesn’t serve the whole purpose of using Twitter. So as I said earlier, it all depends on how you use these services to serve your purpose.

Here is a video that explains the whole Twitter thing in plain English. Hopefully it will encourage few of you to start Tweeting.

Posted on 2nd April 2010 14:40:41