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Web Developer. PHP Addict. Wordpress Hacker. FOSS Enthusiast. (Micro)Blogger. Photo Hobbyist. Cricket Fanatic. Husband. Dad.

My blog is like 8 years old and in the recent past I have been updating WordPress more often than writing blog posts. Twitter is where most of the updates go. There are few posts left under Drafts which I have failed to complete.

Today, my blog gets a new theme, the all new Twenty Twelve released by WordPress which is a fully Responsive theme which should work across all types of screens including Smart Phones & Tabs.

There are so many hits I’m getting to the older posts I have written related to technology. There are posts which I still refer when I encounter an issue. Unless I get my act together and start documenting what I face now, I won’t have anything to refer in the future.

As always hoping to keep it alive!

Posted on 31st October 2012 14:08:22