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What a tournament we had so far. It had everything in it. When Gayle thrashed a century where he hit 10 sixes in the opening game against South Africa, I felt West Indies had a chance. But when South Africa beat them in that match the thought changed. Even worse Bangladesh got through to Super Eight beating West Indies giving the Windies an early exit from the Twenty20 World Cup. Australia coming into the Twenty20 World Cup with a ODI World Cup victory were humiliated by a Zimbabwe win. But Aussies made sure that they go through to the Super Eight stage by beating England. England made sure that they get through by beating Zimbabwe. Sri Lanka on the other hand had a great start by scoring the highest ever total (260) in a Twenty20 match against Kenya. They also beat New Zealand to successfully make through to the Super Eight. New Zealand got through by beating Kenya. One of the thrilling matches in the first round was the match between India and Pakistan. This match ended in a tie which resulted in a bowl-out. Surprisingly India won the bowl-out 3-0. It was almost like a Soccer style finish to this match. India and Pakistan made through to Super Eight after Pakistan won the match against Scotland and India-Scotland match ending in a draw after a washout.

Matches got more interesting in the Super Eight stage. Pakistan were comfortably through to the Semis after beating Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in their group. Aussies who beat Sri Lanka and Bangladesh got through as well. Sri Lanka were tough contenders but lost their way in this stage. India, New Zealand and South Africa ended up with 4 points each in their group. According to the Net Run Rate India and New Zealand made through to the Semis. The hosts South Africa at one stage looked like the tournament favorites but in the deciding game against India they let it slip and they couldn't win that match or get the runs required to beat New Zealand in the Net Run Rate. England never looked threating to the oppositions as they lost all their games in the Super Eight stage. In the England-India match Yuvaraj Singh hit six sixes in an over of Stuart Broad making it a record in a Twenty20 match.

The two Semi Finals were really thrilling to watch. Pakistan eased through to the Finals beating New Zealand. The Australia-India match went down to the wire but India were able to win it with some hard hitting by the bat and by some tight bowling at the end.

So now we get to the Grand Final as India and Pakistan face each other. The atmosphere is always electrifying when India and Pakistan meet each other in a Cricket Match. Who would have expected that these two teams would get to the Final of the Twenty20 World Cup after their early exit in the ODI World Cup. The Finals will be played today in Johannesburg at 17:30 Sri Lankan time (12:00 GMT). I'm sure it will go down to the wire. Who knows we even might see a bowl-out [Wink]

Posted on 24th September 2007 08:27:10