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Nazly Ahmed

Web Developer. PHP Addict. Wordpress Hacker. FOSS Enthusiast. (Micro)Blogger. Photo Hobbyist. Cricket Fanatic. Husband. Dad.

It has been exactly two years since I started to blog here. I first started to blog @ but the blogs there had to be taken off for some reason. Then I started my own blog and prefered coding the blog system on my own as a hobby project. I slowly added features to it and made sure to keep it very easy to use from my end. I also made sure to keep the look and feel very simple as well.

It has been two years of fun blogging about things that interests me. Will try to keep my blog live as much as I can. Hopefully you all had a good time reading my posts and gained something out of it. Looking forward to your comments and suggestions to keep my blog up and running.

Posted on 11th August 2006 10:47:37