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Couple of days back I heard about Ubiquity, an experiment by Mozilla Labs to connect the Web with language that would make Web tasks much more easy and fun to deal with for an average user. I installed Ubiquity and I'm already fascinated by how certain painful day to day tasks can be done easily by combining few commands. The initial version, Ubiquity 0.1 comes with loads of features including working with maps and insert maps to anywhere you want, translate on-page, search google, search wikipedia, digg, twitter, lookup and insert yelp review, get the weather, syntax highlight any code you find, convert a URL to tinyurl and the list goes on. Its definietly a worther try.

Make sure you go through the Introduction to Ubiquity which has most of the information you need to know about Ubiquity. Don't forget to watch the video which explains how easy it is to do certain Web tasks using Ubiquity.

Also read the Ubiquity 0.1 User Tutorial which has some nice tips on how to use Ubiquity and also has some valuable information about how to extend Ubiquity by adding new commands.

Have fun..

Posted on 3rd September 2008 11:24:42