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You might be wondering why I was missing for the last couple of days. I visited the Tsunami affected areas in the North East part of Sri Lanka with a group of 15 members. This was my first trip to the North East. We left Colombo on the 27th evening. By 28th afternoon we went to Nilaveli, an affected area in the Trincomalee District. We stayed there till today morning. A lot of people were in a camp where almost all of them have lost their houses. We focused on repairing the houses that are suitable for living so that they can continue with thier lives. Till then they didn't make any effort as they couldn't do it alone. We did our level best to clear things up at most houses during our short stay. The people shared their experiences with us. Specially how they lost their loved ones infront their own eyes as they had no chance of fighting against the giant waves :([Sad]

Yesterday evening we all visited Muthur, a small village affected by Tsunami. From the Trincomalee harbour (one of the natural harbours in the world) we had a one hour journey across the sea in a ferry. It was quite interesting as this was my first sea trip. Also visited Kinniya on our way today morning. In Kinniya we met a group of Italian medical officers who were involved in the aid work. It was great to see all communities get together in helping out the people who are affected by Tsunami.

Posted on 1st February 2005 17:22:46