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I have been quiet in my blog in the past week as I have been seriously involved in putting up a Web Server at office. I easily got the approval when I wanted to put up LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP) on that. It has been a good experience as it was sorta a Linux comeback for me. Learnt few stuff as I had to configure this behind the router with a dynamic IP. I setup a domain to it using the free dynamic DNS service provided by Got a good picture of port forwarding and NAT. So now I have a LAMP development environment at office. [Wink]

I have been using WAMP (Windows – Apache – MySQL – PHP) in my developement environment till now though the place I host the Web sites and Web Applications are powered by LAMP. The reason I couldn't switch to Linux is simply unforgivable. At home I have this stupid Broadband Modem that doesn't have a Linux Driver. So I cannot get online with Linux and that kept me away from using Linux though I have a dual boot system with Linux installed. Also the laziness to backup the data and the busy schedules avoided the swith over. But this comeback has made some effect. I have already started looking for a router and planning for a complete switch over to Linux in the near future. Counting the days for it…

Posted on 28th September 2005 15:50:11