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It was the final day of the ApacheCon Asia 2006. Today there were two tutorial sessions split into four tracks. In the morning session I took the 'Introduction to the Apache Web Server' by Rich Bowen where he gave an excellent piece of tutorial on basics and beyond basics of the Apache Web Server.

The second session was the one I have been waiting was on 'Web Application Security Bootcamp' by Christian Wenz. It was one of the hot topics IMO where most of the Web Application developers tend to avoid the fact of securing their Web Applications. The session covered XSS(Cross Site Scripting), SQL Injection, Session Hijacking etc.. The best part of Christian Wenz's tutorial was that he showed us a live demo on how all this could be possible by cracking a Web Application that was poorly coded without considering the security issues. Then the countermeasures on how we can write secure Web Applications that would be secure against these type of attacks. I gained a lot with this tutorial. Some of the types of attacks I was already aware of, but I started to think twice after the live cracking he did on the Demo Web Application.

So that was the end of the ApacheCon Asia 2006 which was a great success. I'm really proud to be a part of it and it being held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. There is a Geek-Out event this weekend where all the geeks get an opportunity to have some fun at Kitulagala. Unfortunately I will miss out this event due to some schedules that I can't cancel.

Posted on 17th August 2006 17:25:06