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If you guys were reading my blog (not via RSS feeds) within the last couple of weeks you might have noticed that I have revamped the look and feel of my blog. Its a complete new layout to make it XHTML compliant. Earlier tables were used to design the structure of a webpage which is totally a bad idea. Tables should be used where there should be tables. XHTML and CSS can be used very effectively to design the structure of a webpage which will be compatible with different browsers on different platforms. Though I was aware about XHTML I used to stick with HTML coz I really didn't want to go through all the HTML templates and modify them. But I was really motivated by Suchetha's session on 'Creating Websites with FOSS Tools' at foss-ed. From that day onwards I started to find the ways to convert this whole thing.

It was Dharshi, my good old friend who is a creative designer helped me out in creating the XHTML template files. She did an amazing job making life easier for me. I plugged in the templates to my blog and it fit in perfectly. But the Markup Validation Service gave more than 200 errors during the process. After few late night hacking into my blog code I have managed to get it passed the validation. I feel great not to be in the 'who cares?' club for Web Standards. I'm also urging my collegues to develop sites considering about the Web Standards and they have been responding very well. Still some work left on few minor issues. More latenight work :([Sad]

Posted on 6th April 2006 16:58:32