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Most of you will already know what Twitter is but for starters its a service that asks you the question "What are you doing?" and we simply have to send our updates via Instant Messaging, Email or even by SMS. Its a micro-blogging service coz the updates cannot exceed 140 characters. So it has to be very short and sweet. The service has been around for sometime but I got kinda addicted to it almost a month back when I saw Bud updating his Twitter using his iPod Touch at the MySQL South East Asia Roadshow 2007. I like this micro-blogging idea even though I have a blog coz I can send in little tweets when I don't want to write a big post about day to day activities. You can follow someone on Twitter so that you can receive updates about this person via the Twitter website, Instant Messaging, Email, RSS or SMS. All these can be configured quite easily. I mainly use GoogleTalk Instant Messaging and SMS for sending updates. SMS updates can be really handy when I'm on the move.

Now I have added a Twitter widget on my blog. It will show you my latest Twitter updates. So you can keep in track of what I'm up to :D[BigGrin]. The HTML/Javascript widget can easily be customized with CSS and thanks a lot to Asanga, my design buddy for sharing his extensive knowledge in CSS which helped me to get it nicely placed on my blog. Also I have added the Twitter Application on Facebook. So that it shows my latest Twitter update. Adding more to that you can let the Twitter Application update your Facebook status. This way I only have to update Twitter which will update my Facebook status as well. There is another Facebook Application called TwitterSync which is only designed to update the Facebook status. So there are enough options available.

If you need more info about Twitter read this The Big Juicy Twitter Guide

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Posted on 28th November 2007 11:49:03